Styles and colors pictured may vary from actual product. This cylindrical essential oil diffuser has been designed from a warmly granite-like soapstone and carved into a modern a design that is attractive in its simplicity. A minimalistic design of symetric holes allow the candlelight to softly illuminate the area while your favorite scent fills your senses. Use as an essential or fragrance oil burner.


How to use: Place the soapstone oil diffuser on a stable surface, out of reach of small children and pets. Place the unlit tealight into the bottom of the diffuser. Pour about 2 tablespoons of tap water into the upper dish. Drop in about 8-10 drops of essential oil into the water.

Key features:

Hand-carved by artisans in India.It creates unique forms of light on your walls while your favorite aroma is released.


Prabhuji’s Gifts is a Green America Gold Certified business, packages its stick incense in 100% recycled cardboard, and uses recycled and reused packaging products for shipping materials.

Manufacturing process: Being easy to carve, soapstone oil diffusers are designed into a multitude of shapes and patterns. Soapstone is no ordinary rock. Like its name suggests, it is sometimes soft as soap—well, relatively speaking, that is, if we compare it to other rock—ideal for carving into decorative pieces for your home. Actually, people have been carving unique, symbolic and colorful creations with this medium for thousands of years. Soapstone is softer than most other rock because of its high mineral content of talc. The more talc it has in it, the softer its grade. Soapstone with high talc content can even possess a soapy feel when touched. It can absorb heat, store it and radiate it out evenly.

Aroma Oil Burner