Our cedar sachets do a phenomenal job blocking out smells and other odor! Cedar is a natural repellent to nasty odor and strait from the wild! We harnessed that natural defense and bringing it to your home! The trees natural odor defends against all sorts of foul smells! You will never have to worry about pests with our cedar chips again! Guaranteed strong scent for your closest, drawers, kitchens etc!


Chemical cover scents are being deterred by hunters and game commission! These artificial cover scents are linked to chronic waste disease! Use our 100% natural alternative for better results! Mimics the deer's natural habitat!


Trust us with your home! We know how agitating odors can be which is why we are offering you the best cedar out there! Our cedar chips are 100% natural, and carefully harvested. Bring nature’s natural defenses right into your home! The perfect start to a non-toxic household! Cedar is 100% natural therefore you get the benefits without any chemicals to harm your family! The natural cedar produces a strong scent to repel countless smells!


 Let Cedar be a present for housewarming, birthdays, and Christmas! Our cedar chips are a small, useful gift to give someone! Think out of the box and gift our Cedar Sense chips! Everyone can use these throughout their home! Whether it's to protect clothes in storage, keep smell from closets, or just freshen up your drawers. Protection, deodorizer, freshener! Know someone who loves to hunt? Introduce them to our cedar chips for a cover scent!

Cedar Chips Sachets