Shining copper offering bowl accented with brass and chakra carving embellishments around its base. You can use this bowl as a smudge pot, incense burner, and offering bowl, or as a prayer or meditation tool. You may also place a layer of sand and use charcoal discs to burn lose incenses and resins, and let it catch the ashes of your incense or smudge sticks. Stunning craftsmanship, perfect addition for any altar.Approx 2"H x 3"D


Benefits of copper:

Copper prevents sickness and stimulates healing because of the copper's abilities to balance the body's polarity or the flow of the projective and receptive energies. Blockages in this energy pattern, according to shamans and healers alike, lead to imbalances and thus disease. Copper is a lucky metal because of its past solar attributions and so can be used in combination with any luck-bringing gemstones. Copper is also used to attract love and draw money. Old pennies were made of copper and were placed in the kitchen to attract money to the household.

Easy to clean: wipe with a damp cloth.

Copper Offering Bowl