I have had multiple requests to make my Muscle Rub Roller Ball of Essential Oils made into gallons size containers! I couldn't make it gallon size, lol, but I did manage to put all those yummy smelling essential oils, in the Muscle Rub Rollerball, into my new Muscle Rub Lotion!

All the essential oils used in this lotion are pure therapeutic grade and the lotion base is a light, non-greasy Aloe Based formula.

Perfect to rub over joints, muscles and larger parts of the body.

The Peppermint Essential Oil will give you a lovely cooling effect while the remaining essential oils of Wintergreen, Clove Bud, Copaiba, White Fir, Camphor and Frankincense work towards providing you sweet relief.

I have also added Capsicum Essential Oil which is made from a Pepper Plant which has been known to assist with inflammation and muscle/joint pain.

How to use:

Apply to area of discomfort and reapply as needed.
Our formula is non-greasy and will absorb into your skin within seconds.

Do not apply over open wounds. For topical use only.

Muscle Rub Aloe Based Lotion