Easy to Absorb

Rich in 24K active gold particles penetrates the dermis to promote skin absorption and lock in nutrients. Deep skin repair to solve the root of facial problems.


Safe for Use

This innovative gold bio-collagen facial mask is formulated with pure gold, natural bio-ingredients, and hydrating compound to deliver you a more defined and younger look.


1. Moisturizing & hydrates, keep skin PH balanced

2. Reduce wrinkles, firming and lifting your face

3. Improve pores, smooth facial texture

4. Improve dullness, repair facial skin


Weight 60g Size:10.2” x 8.3”


USE Frequency: Up to 3 times a week

Shelf life:2 years EXP is shown on the package.


Main Ingredients: Water,Glycerin,Hydrolyzed Collagen,Sodium Hyaluronate,Xanthan GUM,Citric Acid,Centella Asiatica Extract,Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract.

Permotary Gel Collagen Face Masks