Made by Ty in 1999

Size: 6 inch

For ages 3+

Prickles the hedgehog loves to play,
She rolls around the meadow all day,
Tucking under her feet and head,
Suddenly she looks like a ball instead!
You'll be stuck on this little female hedgehog the first time you see her. Prickles was born February 19, 1998. She's the ideal hedgehog, because instead of course quills she is covered in soft, nappy, brown fabric. Her paws, underbelly, face, and snout are all made of light brown, non-nappy material. Prickles has a heart-shaped face with two big eyes, black thread whiskers, a black button nose, and small felt ears. She's the perfect choice for boy, girl, or grownup, and a great toy or a welcome addition to your collection. Surface wash only.

 --Peggy Etra

Ty Beanie Babies Prickles the Hedgehog Retired