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* Empowerment Session

Creating Healthy Awareness for Mindful Progress

Service Description

Empowerment is the belief that we’re in charge of our own fate. When we are empowered, we believe ourselves capable of attaining our goals and changing our life circumstances for the better. An empowered individual knows that they have certain rights and advocates for themselves when these rights are threatened. If this description doesn’t sound like you, an empowerment coach can help. Do you feel like you never make progress on your goals? Do you have the feeling that everyone around you is accomplishing great things while you keep running in place? Have you internalized the belief that you don’t deserve to succeed? If so, an empowerment coach can help you get to the root of such distorted beliefs and build a healthier self-image. One of the most important things an empowerment coach can do is help you develop compassion for yourself. While a certain amount of self-criticism is healthy, a critical voice in your head that never stops talking erodes your trust in yourself and robs you of self-reliance. Empowerment coaching is designed to help you see your strengths more clearly so you can take advantage of the opportunities you deserve. Empowerment coaches help people see how their negative feelings towards themselves and/or others can get in the way of connection and achievement. This kind of empowerment coaching focuses on learning how to be gentle and curious with yourself and others. As you learn more about yourself and how to accept yourself fully, you begin to have the space to explore your dreams and goals. It gives you permission to do this without the static of self-doubt, criticism, or other’s voices inside your head, holding you back.

  • 1 h
  • 80 US dollars

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