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* Spiritual Advising Session

Feeling Accepted Invites True Happiness.

Service Description

Connect with your spiritual side and find inner peace. Spiritual Advisors focus on the development of an individual's divine connection. In contrast, a life coach may address a problem, such as divorce, career, or lifestyle choices, within the framework of a specific belief system. As a spiritual advisor, I can be helpful for people who are seeking guidance, support, or answers about their lives. I use a variety of practices to help my clients, including: Readings. This can include tarot cards, crystal gazing, astrology, and other forms of divination. Meditation. This can help my clients to connect with their inner selves and find peace and clarity. Rituals. This can include things like smudging, chanting, and other practices that are designed to connect with the spiritual realm. Talk therapy. This can help my clients to process their thoughts and feelings and find solutions to their problems. Life coaching. This can help my clients to set goals and make positive changes in their lives. With a spiritual coach you can learn: · How to use spirituality to transform your life. · The elemental aspects of the self that need to be brought to balance to succeed in life. · How to discover and identify your gifts and to lead a purposeful life with clarity. A spiritual advisor is someone who helps others on their spiritual journey. They can provide guidance, support, and understanding as people explore their beliefs and practices. Spiritual advisors may come from a variety of backgrounds, including religion, philosophy, or personal experience. After this initial advising, you are eligible for membership. Members enjoy benefits such as priority scheduling, 24/7 online access to coach, and 10% off merchandise in our gift shoppe.

  • 1 h

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