​1.  Order Online. At checkout, select:                                                                         


  • YES to make it a designer gift arrangement.Comes shrink wrapped with bow and optional lights.

  • NO to continue checkout. Comes ready for pick-up placed together in a recyclable paper bag.

​3.  Wait for an email confirming that your order is ready for pick-up:                   ​


  • SAME DAY for most orders placed before 4pm.

  • CHANGE DAY or schedule a time by emailing us back.

  • NOTE order number for use at pick-up.​

2.  Complete Payment for your order.                                                                         


  • ONLINE with PayPal. 

  • IN PERSON with cash, check, or credit card during pick-up. 

4.  Pick-up curbside at Sacred Groves ~ Transformational Pathways:                  


  • ARRIVE @ 506 13th Street in Highland, IL. 62249 

  • TEXT order number from confirmation email to us @ 903.413.9574​

  • ENJOY masked curbside delivery with optional in-person payment options.

Online Gift Shoppe Orders are for Curbside Pick-up Only