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Do you feel physically drained, have chronic pain, ill or dependent? Spiritually lost or emotionally out of control? Depressed or rejected? Each of us can experience hard times, but only a few know how to turn it into a starting point for the new life full of happiness. 

As the owner of Sacred Groves~ Transformational Pathways I use my presence of mind to change and grow, my spirit of integrity to motivate and encourage others, and my will to succeed in radically changing the perception of personal excellence in natural health and wellness.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

The life coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession. This is done by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. The process itself involves:

  • 30-minute initial health & wellness consultation

  • One 60 minute session per week for 1, 3, or 6 months

  • Regular email support or occasional brief check-in calls

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. My skills as a life coach are about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself. You are the only expert who can recognize what is best for you. I am simply an expert in the coaching process. As your coach, I help you discover what your own personal "best" might be.

Why Hire a Life Coach?

Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. These choices may range from profound to trivial. Each choice has an effect that makes our lives more or less fulfilling and or balanced. These choice effects make our process of living more or less effective. Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.

When Should I Hire a Life Coach?

Trained as a generalist I can coach superbly on any aspect of life. However, I specialize in these following areas: 

Empowerment: Managing Grief, Controlling Anger, Easing Frustration & Stress, Creating Loving Relationships, Connected Parenting, Professional Development
Life Balance: Managing Feelings of Loss & Sadness, Moving Through Change, Living with Feelings of Regret, Resolving Guilt & Shame, Managing Anxiety & Depression, Chronic Pain or "Dis-ease" 
Excellence: Surviving the Oppressive Over-Culture, Improving Confidence with Self -Worth & Self Esteem, Identity Discovery, Managing Self Care, Achieving Personal Growth, Purposeful Living in Giving Back


Sacred Groves ~ Transformational Pathways

Program Paths

Need help to achieve your goals in life? I use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 and group sessions, I regularly host workshops and lectures for people who are interested in personal growth.

Silent Worship and Meditation
Navigating in Woods
Sat on the Rocks


Guidance & Inspiration

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.


Embrace Life’s Challenges

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.


Get the Most out of Life

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.


My transformation represents more than what is just skin deep; it represents my motivation, drive, and willingness to constantly improve.

Jinder Mahal

Become who you were born to be!