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Gratitude in Action: Five Practical Practices

1. Write in a gratitude journal

Every day of the month, you can choose to write down one person or thing you're thankful for. Even if it's the same person or thing some days, it's good to remind yourself what you have to appreciate.

2. Wake up and express gratitude for three things every morning When you wake up each morning, try to immediately think of at least three things you're grateful for. It can help you get in a positive mindset to start your day. You can express gratitude for something you're looking forward to that day, or just for simply waking up again. 3. Show appreciation to your romantic partner A study found that a lack of gratitude from a romantic partner can decrease the level of happiness in the relationship. It can cause the partner who doesn't feel appreciated to be less likely to contribute to creating a happy partnership. Even if there are things that annoy you about your partner, there are probably many other things that they do that make you feel good. Take time to tell them the things you appreciate about them. 4. Give an extra generous tip Some of the least appreciated people in our society are restaurant servers. Many do their to best to provide quality service for not much pay. The next time you eat out, give an extra generous tip to your server.

5. Stop and recognize the beauty around you One way we often neglect to be grateful is not appreciating the beauty around us. Some of us are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful images of nature and city scenery. Take time to see the beauty in everything around you, and be glad you're alive to see it.

It may have been a tough year for you, or a tough year for those you care about. But you can still try to find the silver lining in everything you're going through.

Do your best to remember what you have to be thankful for. Hopefully focusing on these things will help you enjoy more happiness in life.

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