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Why Sacred Groves?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

A few key areas that people of all ages struggle with today are procrastination, fear of failure, and lack of confidence. These struggles often come from notions we either learned early on in our life story or gained as we experienced and created our individual life stories into adulthood. Even more common than the struggles listed above is the lack of personal awareness and attention to these struggles. Finding someone to offer assistance is your first step in personal growth, changing your old path through life to a new one.

My experience tells me that many people with stress in their lives have unhealthy notions about themselves. This often leads them to abandon personal goals which create negative feelings about their overall success in life. This greatly impacts relationships, professional development, career paths, community living and spiritual awakenings. Can you identify your current struggles as having negative patterns of behavior, physically unhealthy habits, or unkind thoughts about yourself and others?

Do you use these common phrases often: “I can’t!”, “I won’t!”, or “I don’t know!”? You could have imbalances in your natural health & wellness. When this happens, it is most often because you are unaware of the your potential for living personal excellence. You may lack understanding about how to go beyond just living your life, to living a life with purpose. Your lack of vision will lead to a stressful life prompting “dis-ease”. Symptoms of imbalance can cause you to feel socially anxious, physically ill, intellectually tired, emotionally unstable, or spiritually lost.

Personal Growth Starts Here

If you are ready for a new path to personal fulfillment

Sacred Groves – Transformational Pathways

would love the opportunity to help guide you on your journey toward personal growth.

Sacred Groves offers:

  • Natural Health & Wellness Consulting

  • Life Empowerment Coaching

  • Holistic Balance Coaching

  • Excellence in Achievement Coaching

  • Lectures to groups of 5 to 500 people

  • Holistic Health & Wellness products from local crafters and artisans

  • Professionally Designed Gift Arrangements

Programs offered as single sessions or program packages of one month, three months, or 6 months. Discounts apply with a signed coaching agreement of monthly program packages. A regular schedule of sessions is encouraged either after a current session or before signing a program contract. Available times and terms are then decided or set for follow-up.

All services can be provided via phone call, video call, in person at client specific location, or in office at Sacred Groves. You may schedule a single trial session or enroll in a recommended program after the consultation.

Be well friends & thank you for your energy,

Brandon Groves McReynolds,

PCELC; CTAA-ABNLP Master Practitioner

Founder of Sacred Groves ~ Transformational Pathways