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Why Sacred Groves?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A few key struggles that people of all ages have today are procrastination, fear of rejection, and lack of confidence. These challenges often come from notions that we either learn early on in our life story or pick up as we experienced and create our individual lives into adulthood.

Even more common than the struggles listed above is the lack of personal awareness and accountability for these problems. Finding someone to offer non-judgmental assistance is the first step to inspire personal growth change from an old resistant pathway through life to a new effectively progressive one.

My experience tells me, many people have stress in their lives and this has encouraged unhealthy notions about who they are. This often leads them to abandon personal goals which sabotage their overall success in life. This greatly impacts relationships, professional development, career paths, community living and spiritual awakenings. Can you identify your current struggles as being negative thought patterns, self-destructive routines, or unhealthy habits?

Do you use these common phrases often: “I can’t!”, “I won’t!”, or “I don’t know!”? When this happens, it is most often because you are unaware of the potential for living a more positive effective lifestyle. You may lack understanding for a strategy that goes beyond just surviving your life, to thriving in life.

A lack of healthy vision leads to distress in life prompting “disease” and "disorder" that can cause you to feel socially anxious, ill, mentally exhausted, emotionally unstable, or helplessly lost. Your time to benefit from self-empowerment tools, emotional balance techniques and goal setting strategy for a lifestyle of excellence could be now!

If you are ready for a new path to personal fulfillment Sacred Groves ~ Transformational Pathways has a membership plan to fit your needs for creating a healthier, happier more effective life journey.

Sacred Groves offers:

  • Free Natural Health & Wellness Consulting

  • Weekly Individual Life Coaching Sessions

  • Affordable Life Coaching Membership Program Plans

  • Individual and Group Workshops

  • Flexible Thinking Lectures

  • Sliding Scale Fees for Members on a Fixed Income

  • Email, Text, Telephone and Video Coaching Support 6 days a week

  • Worksheets, Recommendations & Summaries Provided Each Session

  • Local Holistic Gift Shoppe with Professionally Designed Gift Arrangements

Holistic consulting and coaching services offered as individual sessions or as a membership plan of 4 sessions (one month), 12 sessions (three months) or 24 sessions (six months). Discounts for attending regular consecutively scheduled sessions are offered to members when applicable. A regular set schedule of sessions is encouraged either after each session or before signing a membership contract.

All sessions are currently being provided In Person and via Zoom or voice call along with email, text and web chat support. Thank you for your patience in helping us to stay well by using social distancing during your membership at Sacred Groves ~ Transformational Pathways.

Be well friends & thank you for your time,

Brandon Groves McReynolds

PCELC; CTAA-ABNLP Master Practitioner

Owner and Practitioner at Sacred Groves ~ Transformational Pathways

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